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About Us

Founded in early 2016, VoxelCloud offers automated medical image analysis algorithms and end-to-end solutions to help doctors make clinical decisions in a more accurate, accessible, and efficient way. VoxelCloud has an office in Los Angeles, USA. Until October 2017, VoxleCloud has raised $28.5M from investors such as Sequoia Capital, Tencent, etc.

Our Vision

VoxelCloud focuses on next-generation medical artificial intelligence and cloud computing. At VoxelCloud, we believe technology will allow millions of people to access high quality medical care, regardless of geographical and economical barriers. Our current solutions cover lung cancer, retinal diseases, and coronary heart disease.

Our Services

VoxelCloud offers its service through three channels. First, by providing service to healthcare providers through cloud-computing solutions directly integrated in the clinical workflow. Second, by partnering with established vendors to provide AI as a service. Third, by building a platform to enable third party developers to develop their own applications through the VoxelCloud medical knowledge graph API.



  • Our Team

    VoxelCloud was founded by experts and scholars from the leading institutions including University of California, Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Carnegie Melon University, and Arizona State University.
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VoxelCloud develops computer-aided detection systems for detecting and diagnosing various diseases ranging from cardiovascular and lung diseases to eye diseases. Our solutions are based on the state-of-the-art computer vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Our rapidly growing team consists of research scientists and software engineers from leading institutions. We are currently recruiting talents and we offer competitive salary for both full-time and internship positions. Please send your resume to to apply.

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  • 01.Leading technologies

    • Artificial Intelligence

      We provide medical image analysis and decision support through cutting-edge machine learning and validation from massive, expert annotated, real-world training data..

    • Cloud Computing

      Our solutions are based on cloud computing technology. With just a browser, doctors can get image visualization and quantified insights. The solution is seamless integrated with existing clinical workflow.

    • Applicable Insights

      We transform large amount of multi-source data into outcome-driven, evidence based clinical insights that assist doctors to make informed clinical decisions efficiently.

  • 02.Solutions

    Standardized Intelligent Personalized

    End-to-end Solutions Driven by Clinical Demands

    VoxelCloud utilizes artificial intelligence and cloud-computing technologies to interpret medical images and clinical data, and provides doctors comprehensive diagnostic assistance. Currently, our products have covered lung cancer, retina diseases and heart diseases.

  • 03.Current Products


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